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USG screening for new-borns including brain, abdomen, hip  within one appointment. 

USG examination for infants and children in different regions.

WHY CHOOSE US: Professional care, baby- and child friendly environment,  fair price, experienced practitioners, easy booking process and short waiting times for appointments, location is easily accessible with public transport and plenty of parking space available. REFERRAL IS NOT REQUIRED.

Appointments can be made on-line or by phone:

Location:Budapest, Óbuda III. district
1036 Budapest, Kiskorona street 20.
DUNAMED Private Clinic

Price list:

For Infants up to 1 year old:
Cranial, hip and abdominal screening services
Cranial USG screening7500 HUF
Hip USG screening8500 HUF
Abdominal and Pelvic USG screening9500 HUF
2 areas included in 1 appointment15500 HUF
3 areas included in 1 appointment18500 HUF
Other services:
Any other areas8000 HUF
Additional USG examination requested during the appointment
(reflux lymph node, testicles, other soft tissue examination)
6000 HUF
Check-up USG examinations for our returning patients7000 HUF
For children aged 1-18
Abdominal and Pelvic USG examination11500 HUF
Additional examination requested during screening (reflux, mictio)6000 HUF
Any other area (testicles, lymph nodes, thyroid, soft tissue)10500 HUF
For twin newborns:
3 areas USG screening33500 HUF
2 areas USG screening28500 HUF
1 area USG screening:
– Brain12500 HUF
– Hip14500 HUF
– Abdomen16500 HUF
For triplet newborns:
3 areas USG screening51500 HUF
2 areas USG screening41500 HUF
1 area USG screening:
– Brain18500 HUF
– Hip32600 HUF
– Abdomen24500 HUF
Additional screening requested during screening6000 HUF

The cost of examinations can be claimed in full through the Health Found (name and membership ID required)

Sreening is performed ONLY by appointment.